12 Feb 2013

WORD-GAME : Choose the Correct Vocabulary Word

Choose the correct vocabulary word to complete each of the following sentences:

1. The newspaper ________ the statement made in the article because it was incorrectly stated.

a. abolished
b. invalidated
c. retracted
d. annulled

2. The proposition was read, and the committee was asked to vote on the issue; Connor decided to ________ from the vote.

a. tackle
b. undermine
c. abstain
d. destabilize

3. Typically, computer designs reach ________ within six months.

a. division
b. discord
c. obsolescence
d. secrecy

4. For information about making a sound investment, you should get advice from a/an ________.
a. prospectus
b. entrepreneur
c. teller
d. cashier

5. The new congressman was considered a ________ because he refused to follow his party’s platform on nearly every issue.

a. mentor
b. maverick
c. protagonist
d. visionary

6. School calendars were originally based on a/an ________ lifestyle, where all family members needed to be available to help in the fields.

a. business
b. technological
c. scientific
d. agrarian

7. The project seemed both ________ and beneficial, and the office staff supported it enthusiastically.

a. implacable
b. feasible
c. savory
d. irreparable

8. Ethan, a ________ young worker, diligently replaced all of the research files at the end of every day.

a. erudite
b. insightful
c. meticulous
d. sagacious

9. His ________ behavior made him seem childish and immature.

a. beguiling
b. receding
c. forlorn
d. puerile

10. The ________ young woman gave generously to many worthy causes.

a. incisive
b. benevolent
c. gregarious
d. personable



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