13 Jul 2013

Food Security Bill :How Much Feasible and Needed?

"God comes to the hungry in the form of food”- Mahatma Gandhi

Now days where food crisis is vastly taking place across the globe, the word said by Mahatma Gandhi is more relative in current scenario. Food has been given the status of the God, which gives the significance of it. Food is an important requirement of three basic requirements of life. The concept of so-called global growth has given rise to inequality of food. At one side the rich people has the excessive amount of food available where the other side two-third of the world population is forced to suffer the curse of low grain availability. Food does not mean itself as only food availability, but it is a balanced nutritional diet. To get best diet by someone likely depends up on the purchasing power but current economic scenario is a complex task to do so.Which caused him to be deprived of his right, and it is condemnable from the point of view of a civilized society.

In India, the situation is even more pathetic, 43% of children are facing the problem of malnutrition and thousands of pregnant mothers dies every year. Now here question arise in current situation of crisis, what measures can be taken to discharge this issue? The food Safety Act gives us the answer.


Food Security Act makes it legal to reach healthy diet to any Indian civilian or in very easy word we can say this that the every citizen of India is now legally entitled to receive raw grain. Under which every person will get rice at Rs 3 per kg, wheat at Rs 2 per kg and coarse grains will be at the rate of 1 per kg. The ordinance ensures five kilos of rice, wheat or coarse grains for each one. This provision will be enforced through existing public distribution system and will be implemented by the Centre in collaboration with the local government. At the execution of this plan it will be largest governmental approach with rupees 125000 cr in the world. According to plan 6.2 cr tons of rice, wheat and coarse grains will be available at cheap price to the 67% of Indian population. This will affect India’s population of approximately 80 -83 million. For smooth implementation of program government makes the nodal agency including consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Ministry.


Several provisions of the law have been mentioned, here are some key provisions-
1. Every Indian who is beneficiary for same will get raw grain at mentioned cost as per his legal right.
2. Monthly amount of Rs 6,000 will be provided to lactating mothers.
3. If the government would be unable to provide food to the beneficiaries must provide the compensation amount.
4. Complain of any kind relating to the program will be entertained by the district officers who will be a part of the grievance readdressal mechanism.
5. For special class people including disabilities, infant, maternal and aged the provisions have some flexible laws.
6. To ensure the transparency and social audit there is a system which is linked with an online information system; anyone can get the related information.



Here are some important gains and losses related to the topic have been made aware of. First we strive to know the social benefits and receipts-
1. This is an appropriate method for the prevention of the problem of hunger and malnutrition especially for children and women. To some extent it also solves malnutrition related health problems.
2. This will be helpful for the social development of people because of they don’t have to travel many places to survive, they can do their own work at same place.
3. It will improve their financial responsibility due to less expenditure on purchasing of cereals. It will also improve their social and economic status.
4. Dependency to get food from other sources caused forced labour or exploitation it can be avoided, i.e. the attainment of freedom from exploitation and self-esteem.
5. Food preservation is also an important advantage by this through proper distribution of grain stored in warehouses.

Losses and confusion –

1. Financially it is a grand plan due to this other aspects of the development is likely to get a negative economic impact.
2. Our PDS system is not full proof so black marketing can take place during the execution due to impact of corruption.
3. WTO trade treaty can be an obstacle for this because they don’t endorse any subsidized program that will reflect on our international relation.
4. To fulfill the requirements of this plan there is no adequate approach to rise in corps production.
5. This plan comes as an ordinance without proper discussion in parliament so it may have some serious flaws in itself.
6. To successful implementation of same it required a proper infrastructure and management system which is lacking now.



This is important step towards the elimination of hunger and malnutrition from the country which will affect two-third population including lower and middle level. Mostly this will benefit to the children and female from the poor class. Redtapism, corruption and political pressure will affect it. Although this plan have been introduced with lacking of good policy and infrastructure deficiencies but due to the explicit aim still it is laudable. To be seating idle it is good thing to do something. It will overcome its lacking and improve strength on time duration of execution. Despite its shortcomings, we cannot say plan may fail totally whereas we have two successful example of states Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The requirement is only for firms will which can overcome all obstacle. We have to continually observe and take proper review from time to time which help to avoid confusions and make it more beneficial and realistic program.

It is said that-
“Helping hands are better than praying lips”

What is your opinion for “Food Security Bill”?

What can be the measures which should be implemented to easy availability of basic food to each and every Indian and also to all global citizens?

(Written by co-host Jey Mitra of the event Group Discussion for UPSC CSE (Daily 9PM to 11PM) of the group Mission Mussoorie UPSC Civil Services based up on daily discussions. Please join and give your valuable views)



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