30 Nov 2014

India, World, Non Aligned Movement (NAM) and its Significance in the Current Scenario

The ideologies of Nehruvian idealism are wondering with the non-aligned movement. He believed  that cooperation  and  mutual assistance  are possible in the international relations and he hold such a great  uniqueness of Panchsheel, it coupled  a situation in which  Indian  foreign  policy was formed  on the pillars of hopes and aspirations with the edges of cooperation as its fuel. The conflicting world situation after the world war made an arena of cold war and power blocks on the basis of conflicting ideologies and it prevailed a situation that both the power blocks wanted to add the newly emerged nations to their stocks.

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Non align movement can be considered  as a vigor of India to pertain with cooperation rather than mutual  aggression,  she wanted to be the part of solutions for increasing problems  of the third world, thus she adopted  the policies of non-alignment with an embankment  that India won't  be the part  of power blocks and she believed  that power blocks are huge curses to entire community  because  it can plank a new war at any time. Thus the policy of India  concerned  with non-alignment  has a uniqueness  that it was well oriented with the sagas of planning as well as social commitments , India got freedom  and the drain  prevailed in the colonial era made India more poor and being the part of power politics  will  be a huge bottleneck for her development. Thus the adopted ways had the notion that India can have good engagements with both the power blocks and earn benefits from both of them.
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Thus the policy pertained by India gained a lot of concurrence due to its pragmatism that India earned benefits from both of the powers and at the same time she had a lean to the USSR. The Indian foreign policy heard a lot of views that it is an aloofness from the international order and is like sitting on the fence. The policies  adopted  by her was not neutral or immoral because she adopted  the ways to deviate from the power blocks  and not from the international community and it can be seen that, in a lot  of situations  in which,  India  played  critical roles and she is very  active  with the international  order concerning third world.

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The collapse of Soviet Union made the notion of NAM in a special direction that the power blocks got ended and the bi-polar world order was shifted to the unilateral principles and due to Indian foreign policy in the past, it made India in the pillars of eroded segment. Thus the power politics ended and certain scholars believed that the relevance of NAM is over with the paramount notion of America. 

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The relevance of NAM will persist till there exists a situation in which poverty triumph, war exists, and such problems in the world arena persist. Thus the notion  of Non align movement  will not be shifted  to just power politics , it have a wide connotations  due to the increasing hurdles  of the world  arena and it can play a crucial  role  with that. The changed world order made the NAM to face various types of interference  that these days changed with the sagas of terrorism,  trans national  crimes,  fusion  of multinational corporations, cyber-crimes etc. coupled that  NAM will have to face  all of these rather than  just traditional anticipations.
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What is the relevance of NAM in the world of multi polarity? These  days have a significance  that  the  main player of it is currently a giant in economic as well  as military  ways and had a shift in the policies  of her from traditional  ways to  more concentrated ways on the bilateral  relations  with America with a happy ends for both and the NAM have  a special role in this scenario because, it can play a major  role in the world  of multiple choices of power.
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How much significant is NAM for world peace and mutual growth?

How India can play role of true world leader as the largest democracy of the world?

(Written by Vineeth V, an IPS aspirant pursuing graduation in Political Science at Trivandrum,Kerala)



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