8 Nov 2014

An Observation on Indian Judicial System : Justice Delayed is Justice Denied !!

Indian-Judicial-SystemThe Indian judicial system has its own uniqueness. India is a country with judicial supremacy with its paramount notch and its service delivery system possess a wide glance that its powers are very wide with jurisdictions over all matters and exceptions are rare. The system got wide currency with public interest litigations, which made the contexts of locus standi faraway with the judicial approaches and enforcement mechanism of fundamental rights to it in an apprehension of relevancy with its arms.
Indian Judicial System
Though the coupled apprehension made the uniqueness that the court system in India made its hands prominent with a wide currency that the concept of its traditional anticipations changed and got more triumphed with the will of the people though they can approach it hardly. The courts in now a days, doing more than what the framers enjoyed and wished and it can be found that the courts in India possess a glance, in which, the whole system of administration and political arena changed and it made the system corrupted and scams and scandals made the political activity in a nasty ways and the court system in India now a days accomplishes the very wide gap filled due to such imbalances. The imbalances formed in the current arena of the decline of administrative mechanisms due to its inefficiencies made the system incompetent with the requirements of the people and thus the courts in India made the gap filled.
Appointment of Judges process
Though the court system in India made more people friendly with the systems by making judicial supremacy prominent,  in India the judicial mechanism changed to be expensive and a common man cannot stir with that due to its expensive ways and the delay of justice made it as a paramount notch .The current system emancipate a mode in which,  the  whole country live with the straddle of poverty and unemployment , in which , majority do live in a situation of less income and for them it is almost impossible to approach the court and the delayed response from the courts made the system vulgar. The court system with justice delivery mechanism far from a common man's views made the whole arena apart from the reality and the advocates are the most paid professionals.
Appointment of Judges process

The decline of all administrative mechanisms with the scams and scandals made the system blessed with its incompetence made the court system prominent and the roles of the courts are growing day by day due to the current scenario, the scenario in which politicians and bureaucrats join their hands when corruption is concerned and a lot of factors contributes to such a nasty link and it is hardly to believe that they will resolve the problems and the only way to get bless of the justice are the courts. Thus the courts turned more competent with the situations along with more ways. The traditional ways regarding court system got changed and it became more competent with its verdicts and the courts in India are livelier with the people.
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Though it made the competency of court system prominent regarding will of the people,  more  and more  oriented with justice equilibrium rather than the past due to the reason that it will have to fill the vacuum created by the injustice provided by the nexus of all wings of the government and now a days the whole arena of court system made prominent with the views against corruption and such nasty curses .
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The courts in India made the will of the people prominent , it can resolve the problems of the people through its interference with justice but the courts are becoming more and more expensive and a common man cannot fight with such system due to expensive judiciary with expensive lawyers and the whole arena persists with mere interpretation of expensive judiciary and the delayed justice with denying the basic principles of justice orientation  made it almost impossible to go courts for resolving conflicts. The Indian scenario comprises poor and the system regarding basic needs can be tackled easily except moving to the courts.
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It can be said that the competence of the courts regarding common man declined and it is impossible to be blessed with justice delivery mechanism in a proper pace almost impossible with expensive judicial proceedings and the such backlog is increasing day by day, which determines a fact that only those are blessed with money can move to courts in the practical sense and get justice properly. What really the notion regarding justice when country emerged was bit different that justice can be achieved by everyone and the current world with multi-national corporations and the world of globalisation made the flow of the money more and more and it made that the common man cannot fight with such a nasty link between all wings of governmental activities. Without a proper justice delivery system the competence of the courts system with appellate jurisdiction will be unavailable to the common man.

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What is your view on Indian judicial system? How it is in comparison to its counterparts of other countries of the world?

How Indian judicial system can be made more efficient?

(Written by Vineeth V, an IPS aspirant pursuing graduation in Political Science at Trivandrum, Kerala)



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