4 Nov 2014

Development and Environment,Is there a BALANCE?

The current scenario of India necessitates high economic growth and development due to a lot of reasons that India is a country with 125 crore people and we will have to satisfy all their needs and so the need of development is very much high. But actually what type of development we need? Development is necessary with considering our vegetation is unavoidable because we cannot adopt a policy 'currently urge and pay later' as even our fathers of our nation envisaged sustainable development and without considering it properly it will be a curse for the later to pay for that.

Population Pressure in India
India is a growing giant and due to that we will have to cope with our needs so that to tackle with the current scenario. To make our economy cope with the situations around of us, we will have to make developments and the fact is that it is very necessary and without keeping the momentum it is impossible to triumph with our goals. When we talk about development, there may be arising a question ' which type of development we needed? Is there any need to keep environment with that’. Environment have a very wide aspect regarding development that without Keeping environmental perspectives fair, it will be great un-pleasant act from the part of us only by considering the development alone and keeping the reality of future from the implementation process, the future generations will definitely pay for our greed.

Pic courtesy : wri.org
How we can take both together with considering environmental responsibility and development? Sustainable development will be triumphed to tackle with this by implementing the developmental acts only with proper consideration regarding with assessment of the nature and we cannot go with any deviations away from it because such an aggregation of acts may lead to natural imbalances and so without proper consideration of nature, the future of our goals regarding with our aim should not be achieved. Sustainable development is very much necessary with the triumphalism of environmental responsibility is unavoidable due to the very fact that without keeping environmental responsibility before the scheduled programs of development will lead in future an arena of darkness. Sustainable development means the activities of development with proper utilisation of resources with restrictions on the usage for the next generations to come and keeping the environmental aspects fair.
Pic courtesy : wri.org
The role of environment in the current scenario is of a very wide glace due to the emerging problems. And so that the notion of environment cannot be avoided because our later will have to pay for our current works. The intensity of environmental problems is increasing day by day along with our greed to achieve goals without considering the nature. We will have to cope with our needs and keeping environment along with that will bring us the real success because if we are not considering the current success the later generations will definitely loose the battle. The intensity of environmental problems are numerous and they are increasing day by day and it's due to the very fact on that the implementation process is not considering the Notion of environmental responsibility and it is truly avoided and mostly it is considered as a liability on the shoulder of them for implementing the developmental activities. Environmental triumphalism along with developmental activities must be necessary and it should be very important that both won’t be overlapped each other and it can only make it the best things regarding the goals. Environmental perspectives must be fair to keep the whole things fair and without keeping it well the later will be truly unfair. To keep the whole arena of development and the environment is a herculean task because most often it may overlap and emerge as a knot that cannot be resolved easily.

The role and responsibilities of government in achieving the developmental acts are very much important, they will have to cope with the situations around of us regarding with assessments of environmental responsibility keeping fair and such a merging is necessary due to the fact that, in the absence of such a great deal with the both, one may triumph on the other and even we cannot adopt the whole process of development keeping the view of the environmental responsibility. As a government, they must have responsibility to be fair with both simultaneously because the total sphere of the situation necessitates such a responsibility due to the reason that environmental problems are numerous and they are increasing in a very fast pace and without a proper plan to tackle with that the environmental aspects will be drained. The government's activities are very necessary with the triumphalism of environmental responsibility before implementing such a great deal of development because, if it both doesn't work together, the whole will be very difficult. It is difficult to keeping them together and it is a very necessary difficulty due to the reason that unless we cannot sustain no more.
Population and Environmental problems in India (Pic courtesy: Worldbank.org)

How we can go with the both triumphs together? It's a question that deal with very aspects of a lot of things that truly prevails with the gone things regarding with both development and environment simultaneously and to cope with all of these have only way and to provide necessary importance to environmental aspects and do consider it as a 'necessary evil' in accordance with the perspectives of development and so we can make it as a particle of development and without such a great particle we cannot aggregate it into the total triumphalism of success. We must consider that as an unavoidable matter and it must prevail as a great regime and if it doesn't work, it truly emancipate the very fine fact that, we are a great failure in the environmental aspects of development. Nevertheless, it should be truly emancipated with both triumphs and one must not overlap another one and if it is overridden, it will be a huge curse and so that 'we won't pay but the later will suffer'. We truly need sustainable development and implementation of our goals regarding with the perspectives of both truly prevails and it must be done for the sake of the next generations to come with commemorating the fact that the previous generations done it on the same way and only due to that we enjoys all these joys. Putting greater emphasis on such ‘necessary evil’ is very important and considering it as unnecessary is truly rubbish.

How we can contribute for sustainable development?
Are government policies and actions good enough to protect the environment and its subsidiaries?

(Written by Vineeth V, an IPS aspirant pursuing graduation in Political Science at Trivandrum, Kerala)



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