1 Nov 2014

An Observation on Ethics and Corruption in Governance and the Ethos of Indian Democracy!

As one of an experts demarcated that 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely' went into a truism when India is regarded and corruption started a paramount notch with a nexus of all wings of the government, exception can be only given to judiciary, in which, it sustain as a mode when a common man can stir and get the blesses of it. What the constitution envisaged by providing the nexus of proper 'checks and balances' and by creating constitutional bodies , they intended a glance in which , a Westminster mode democracy may become the straddle of scams if there won't exit certain mode of proper checks, and such bodies , by providing sufficient protection, they made , even the whole power of the government under proper monitoring , the monitoring of truism, which was necessary for a new born child , in which it drained a lot and have an exhaustive factors as goals.

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What is corruption and how it is related with ethics? It is a question which draws almost all ethos of governance because, without having a proper balance on 'ethics in governance’, a country like India can sustain no more, eventually a proper blend is necessary, and it should be fairly done even from the grassroots .In India there exist an arena of nexus is of all wings of administration is notified when the corruption is concerned and a lot of factors contributes and which eventually lead to nasty situations. In India , it is prevalent a situation in which politicians and bureaucrats joins their hands when corruption is concerned and the situations were almost different when the country had its birth and the emergence planked a coupled apprehension in which, both were independent in their own spheres and the situations changed so far and there arrived an arena ,in which, the constitution is amended to provide a certain protective measures to the top autocracy and which so far anticipated that article 312 as a protective agent and the 'Santhanam' committee mentioned that it coupled with various interpretations by courts made it almost impossible to punish a civil servant.


The political process in India represents uniqueness. The norms of corruption is well attached with all process from top to bottom in which, the saga of administration is synced with a proper link, the link so far is concerned and which triumphs with the criminalisation of political activities and it is now a big fact that the 20% of India’s NNP is black money and it truly stunning and make visible the strength of the deep rooted anticipation of corruption in our day to day running of our administration. There lies the fact which makes proper evidence regarding corruption that, the nasty surprises with black money truly represents the notches of corruption that it implies proper nexus with bureaucracy, politicians and even with the big business houses.
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The criminalisation of political activities made India pertained with interferences regarding the whole arena , the arena in which , the administration is turned with the weight of money, Her activities done in the name such a nastiness, the saga through which the proper blend is evident and it made the common man to access justice from such a system impossible. The judiciary turned as very much expensive and like other countries the advocates in India are the most paid professionals. Thus this is the situation, in which, a common man is far away from reality, the reality through which the governing system pertains and for them it is almost impossible to get justice. The criminalisation and such other nastiness including favouritism etc. made the importance of ethics very wide and without proper consideration of a 'justice concerning system ' the intensions of her from the day of birth will remain as a mirage.

Indian democracy envisages the blesses of the people as its fuel and made such a stir for the people. The democratic principles embarked well in the constitution and it truly interpreted that being blessed with justice is a unique way when it is concerned but expensive judicial system made the appellate justice system almost impossible with common man and even he cannot bring justice with that .The period of liberalism and neo liberalism made the situations vulgar and a lot of other factors made their roles prominent and which made the workload bit extravagant and it made the blunt between various wings of government and the business houses prominent and now a days a common man cannot fight with these nexus due to the current imbalances of the system. The days changed its face , the faces turned into unethical paces and it made almost impossible to get his needs satisfied and the will of the people get blessed with politicians hardly , the courts turned expensive with expensive lawyers , all it made a common man far away with the notches of the justice prevailed system.

Corruption and ethics are not two distinct things. These are the two things that have same notches and both are truly linked and if one is present another will be unavailable. Corruption truly drains our system and it will be truly eradicated only if the reason for that are drained and when we probe into such a situations of corruption regarding politicians, it will be clear that the election expenditures are the main reason for corruption .When enough money is not available, he/she will have to depend on big business houses or unethical means and after election process are over, he will have to cooperate with them for unethical practices. This is the main problem and the solutions for this are in plenty. The government should participate in election expenditure system fairly and it can make the elections free from corruption.

This day Indian scenario is truly entangled with corruption and no one can think that the politicians will resolve the problem and it will be hardly to suffer from the impact of corruption and it is spreading like a deadly cancer. So it is our duty to promote anti-corruption campaigns and such a measures are to be used to improve the quality of services rendered from governmental offices fair, quality, oriented and time bound. Though the situations promote a lot of ways to promote quality assurance procedures of governmental services, some of many are practical and it’s all most impossible to move to court due to its expensive ways. The courts are more expensive with expensive lawyers and it is almost impossible to find the solutions via such a system. As a remedy, ethics oriented system should be cultivated among officials and his attitudes must be checked through examinations and it should be done fairly. In such a way we can cultivate a generation fully equipped with ethical practices and it should comprise the will of the people.

What is your view on corruption in India? How it can be effectively eradicated?

What AAM AADMI can do in his/her day to day life for making fully corruption free India?

What actions are required from Governments for fighting corruption?

(Written by Vineeth V, an IPS aspirant pursuing graduation in Political Science at Trivandrum,Kerala)

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