28 Dec 2014

An Observation Regarding the Social Justice Bench of the Supreme Court of India

Social  Justice  Bench of the Supreme  Court of  India
Pic Courtesy : thehindu.com
The views of Aristotle  regarding  distributive  justice  have a great  imbalance in the current  scenario,  in which ,  justice  is based  on the rule  of law, it marked the government  more responsible  to engage in a fair manner with economic  as well  as political  aspects ,  which  is inevitable  regarding  a society  in which  egalitarianism  is the basic  principle that should  be promoted  by the government , economic  inequalities  should  be  narrowed  and justice  shall  be distributed  as per their works and none should  be avoided  fully. Thus justice  implies their right  to live and also the right  to engage  with  proper  counts in the society ,  they shall  be blessed  with  minimum  requirements  which  are inevitable  when the entire factors of justice  are concerned.

Social  Justice  Bench of the Supreme  Court of  India
Pic courtesy : Indianexpress.com
Social  justice  thus have wide importance  regarding  economic as well  as social  ways that  the government  should  promote it through  various  measures  regarding  economic  stances. The liberalism  made the opening  of economic  straddles made escalations  in economic  demography  but employment  and such amenities faced a huge  decline regarding  rural  poor and urban migrants making  a glance  that the government  have to be specific  in its economic  policies  through  various  micro economic  measures ,  in which the marginalised  should  be directly  uplifted,  the measures  should  promote an arena  that minimum  assurance  should  be achieved  by all. Thus to promote social  justice , government  coupled  a lot  of  economic  measures  regarding  employment  and policies  that affect  directly  with the  poor  but unfortunately  distortions and lack  of efficiency  with poor targeting  making  all these measures approximately at a low level of implementation  process.

Social  Justice  Bench of the Supreme  Court of  India
Pic courtesy : indiatoday.intoday.in
Social  justice  along  with cultural  stances have a glance  with economic  stabilisation  and poverty eradication  that  they can  go with cultural  promotion  only  if it is provided  basic  amenities and economic  inclusion. Thus economic stabilisation is a necessary one concerning cultural contexts.

Social  Justice  Bench of the Supreme  Court of  India
Pic courtesy : dailymail.co.uk
The constitution of India is the law of the land and it implied few measures directly enriched and certain are the byproducts of various judgments of the courts. Through  preamble  it portrayed the notion  of the state  in promoting social  justice  and through  fundamental rights  it specified  and made it mandatory  for the state  to manage it. Directive principles  made the government  morally  as well as culturally blunted to act with the principles  of egalitarianism  and social  and  cultural inclusion along with  the tackling  of gender disparities in employment  conditions.

The court mechanisms made various verdicts that made welfare notion of   state in enhanced ways. They are:

1. Release in surplus food grain for the use of living people in draught affected areas.
2. To provide a fresh scheme regarding public distribution system (PDS).
3. Providing ultimately better mid-day meal schemes to children etc.

Bench of the Supreme  Court of  India
Pic courtesy : thehindu.com
As a usual stance lot of cases are pending  in our courts regarding  social  justice  and such pending  is eventually  a threat  because  it do affect  most of us  rather  than  a few. And it can enhance  the role  of the courts  in a better  way that urbanization along  with privatization  and narrowed the  state interferences  may affect  people  directly  and it may infringe  their  rights in a  big way. We will have to tackle with all and increasing corruption along with lack of transparency often a huge hindrance regarding targeted planning and court interferences are necessary. It should better to understand that the various court interferences made the government morally enhanced to provide schemes for poor Indian marginalised.

Supreme  Court of  India
Pic courtesy : timesofindia.indiatimes.com
How Indian courts especially the Supreme Court of India is strengthening the democratic values of India? How much it is effective in such measures?

How Indian courts especially the Supreme Court of India is protecting the fundamental rights and social justice of Indian citizens? What can be done to make it better?

What is your view regarding Indian judiciary system? Is it good enough or modifications are required at different levels? Please comment.

(Written by Vineeth V, an IPS aspirant pursuing graduation in Political Science at Trivandrum, Kerala)




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