15 Dec 2014

An Insight on Urbanization, its Pros & Cons : India and World

Urbanization in India and its Pros and Cons
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Urbanisation implies  the rigorous push of people from villages to city centers due to various  reasons  and the concentration  of people  in the urban  centers coupled  a lot of problems  regarding   the basic  amenities  and the notion  of inclusiveness  in the process  of development . India represents the paces of urbanisation which can blunt with fences of developing countries because the reasons and the ill effects of extra intensive urbanisation are similar to all in that countries. When analysing  the  various  poles of urbanisation  it can pin that the growth of  urbanisation  in India was gradual in nature with a faster  pace till the duration 1930's to 1950's and got a sharp decline around 60's.

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Urbanization in India and its good and bad
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While  analysing  the faces of urbanisation  in India, it can be seen that the protracted escalations is without  possessing economic  bases and  it creates a lot of problems  regarding  basic  amenities , health, education, sanitation etc. 

Urbanization in India and its good and bad
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In the case of India, urbanisation  cannot  be considered  as a part  of economic  escalations  and it is truly  sounded on the basis of escalating  demography and it can conclude less living  conditions and it coupled  various impacts  like slums,  lack of education, degradation  of quality of life etc. It can be seen that urbanisation is not often merged with India, not of the pull factors from urban areas but due to the demographic pressures pertaining in rural centers.
Urbanization in India and its growth
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Urbanization in India and its growth
With the principles of liberalism  in the Indian economy,  it merged  the economic imperatives  with  the economies of other countries  planked a lot of job opportunities  in India and almost it was happening in city centers  and it made them to migrate into city centers,  it boosted the rural- urban population.

The fusing process of Indian economy with other economy straddles made a lot of job opportunities and it promoted indigenous capital as a usual mode regarding economic liberalism, it made investments in the city centers and it enhanced the migration.
Urbanization in India and urban population and fertility rate
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Though  the economic  liberalism  made slight slips in the property  measures,  the economic straddles was almost failed  to accomplish the principles  of basic  amenities with it made a notion  that, through  the liberalism , it is almost  impossible  to reduce  poverty and the gap between  poor and rich is widening. It coupled a situation  that without  preaching  such changes  regarding  basic  infrastructure,the urbanisation  process would not  benefit to the poor migrants.
Urbanization in India and urban population
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Though the sperms of urbanisation  can be traced back  to the period of Britishers ,  with the independence  of her  made wide public sector  investments in selected  areas made such pockets as the centers  of development, it made more pull to that particular  centers  and it made the urbanisation  prominent  there.
Urbanization in India and its rate of growth
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Is there any link between urbanisation and environment in India?
Yes. There exists certain relations. They are:

1. Cultivated lands were eradicated due to excess burden and it all turned to infrastructure development straddles.
2. A water portable system should be constructed for drinking and other purposes. Growing urban population demands more water and as a result of it water is becoming a bigger problem.
3. It increases pollution and waste management is also a big problem nowadays.
Urbanization in India and world
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Urbanization in India and world
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A large number of urban poor in India are migrated from rural areas and they migrated in search for jobs and are intermittently employed without any job security.
Urbanization in India and China and its GDP
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Poverty has therefore a huge relationship with employment that absence of employment often made poverty a huge problem. Industrialisation along with liberalism  made a stance  that more quality  oriented  products  are created  through  a few skilled  hands and the people who are migrated are often unskilled  in  nature made liberalism almost impossible  to fulfill  the ways inclusiveness in urban  as well as rural India.
Urbanization in India and its good and bad
Highly crowded train in an Indian City (Pic courtesy : rediff.com)
Urbanization in India and its good and bad
Indian women waiting to cross road in an Indian city (Pic courtesy : theguardian.com)
Urbanization in India and its good and bad
Deep contrast in urbanization (Pic courtesy : ids.ac.uk)
What is your view on urbanization in India and on world level?

How urbanization can happen in sustainable way with fulfilling the demands of large population?

What are the main problems of urbanisation and according to you what can be the reasonable solutions for those?

(Written by Vineeth V, an IPS aspirant pursuing graduation in Political Science at Trivandrum,Kerala)

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