10 Jan 2015

Let’s Make the World a Better Place to Live : An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind !!

I am afraid as I find a complete darkness and inhumanity all across for a moment. Recent terrorist attacks at various parts of the world have shaken the whole idea of brotherhood, love and humanity. Whether its Lindt cafe in Sydney or Army Public School in Peshawar or Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, all these recent terrorist attacks are a big black blot on the humanity and mankind itself. Although there is such a large list of such terror attacks on the humanity in the past, I will just discuss these three recent attacks in this article to be more specific. I feel all the pain and grief as every other sensible people in most reasonable way for all such things and strongly condemn such heinous terror acts and extend my full sympathies and solidarity to the victims and their near and dear ones in this hour of extreme grief.
#JeSuisCharlie  #JeSuisAhmed  Charlie Hebdo Attack, Paris

Who are these people who attack?

When we closely examine these events, we will find these attackers are no one but a complete case of psychos,retards,serial offenders and extremists who don’t have any idea about core values of any religion. Attacker at Lindt café in Sydney was a history sheeter and a murderer of his wife and a self-proclaimed Islamist. Attackers at Army Public School in Peshawar were extremists Taliban who are very much reluctant to modern open thinking and free society. Attackers at Charlie Hebdo office in Paris were the persons who were highly intolerant for the criticism on their religion. While these attackers are from different geographical locations and culture, might be their religion due to their names is same, but one thing is very common among these all such people. They all don’t understand the whole idea of humanity, tolerance, collective growth and an open and free multilingual, multicultural society comprising of people from different religion and beliefs.We must understand that terrorism and terrorists are no way related to any particular community or religion. They have their own personal agendas or propaganda which is no way for any kind of betterment or profit to their religion or themselves with which they claim to belong to very wrongly.

Let’s Make the World a Better Place to Live
Pic courtesy : time.com
Who are those people who become victims?

When we talk about victims in such attacks, mostly they are innocent people and children who have nothing to do with such ridiculous and senseless inhumane things irrespective of their religion or identity. 145 innocent children of Peshawar attack were of the same religion as the attackers supposedly belong to. Ironically, attackers at Charlie Hebdo office in Paris killed the French policeman Ahmed Merabet very brutally who was defending the assault on office from terrorists, who was also of same religion as the attackers supposedly belong to. I am not going to discuss such type of terror attacks in the whole history happened so far in this article itself done by different sections of the people as that needs a long discussion and case by case studies. Just by analyzing these tragic events, we can have a clear cut idea. Terrorists all across the world don’t belong to any religion as they are supposedly linking themselves by their appearance. They are just curse on the humanity who bring bad names to their community with they supposedly belong to due to their names and appearance.

#IndiaWithPakistan Attack on Army Public School in Peshawar
Pic courtesy : newyorker.com
What is the reason behind such people inhuman violence acts?

I find some very possible reasons like ignorance, intolerance, impatience or in few cases injustice. If we talk about attack on Charlie Hebdo office, we got news that attackers attacked the office for the revenge on few controversial cartoons on Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) .Attackers must know that this is not the way; you can do something good for your religion except bringing bad name and hate. Prophet Muhammad himself never justified any such act of revenge or hate to anyone irrespective of belief. We can have an idea about his tolerance and patience by this short incident. A neighbor of the Prophet that tried her best to irritate him by throwing garbage in his way several days. One day, when he walked out of his home there was no garbage. The Prophet inquired about the old lady and came to know that she was not well. The Prophet went to visit her and offer any assistance she might need. The old woman was extremely humbled and at the same time ashamed of her actions in light of the concern that the Prophet showed her. We need to understand the very fact that attention and love of anyone can only be achieved by giving love and being polite to them rather than by applying force or fear. World is perfect mirror. Taliban just took many innocent lives for the so called revenge of the military actions of the Pakistani Army and for creating fear in the people heart and mind.

When I go more deeply into such terror acts which all are happening across the world, I find lust for dominance is the main factor behind every such thing. From biggest to smallest level, you just analyze and you will certainly find that all wars, clashes and such heinous terror acts are mainly due to setting themselves more dominant from rest.War of dominance is the biggest deterrent for the world peace and harmony. What do you think ?

Yes I do believe that every incident have two sides of stories and justifications. But killing humanity on the name of revenge is not at all justifiable at any level by any religion and their sacred scriptures. If you want to protest something which is against you, there are many non-violent ways to do so.Might be your voice will be heard very late, but you must remember, someday you will find unexpected support and attention from various quarters if you are correct.Violence is not at all a solution for any kind of protest which always brings bloodshed and cycle continues.We all must need to stop this inhumane cycle by being tolerant and non-violent.

Terrorists attacks across the world, no mercy
Pic courtesy : voanews.com
Which religion in the world justifies such cruelty and inhumanity? 

Not a single religion of the world advocates attacks on innocent people. Yes, I do agree, we can have different methods of praying, different attire and looks but one thing is very common, all religions and their sacred books have peace and love in their ethos. If the Almighty himself is taking care of all people in the world irrespective of their religion, then who gives anybody right to kill anyone just because they don’t share the same faith and ways of worship. If God himself is not differentiating at the time of birth by any means, why we are creating tension on the name of God!

Bollywood movies like “PK” and “OMG- Oh My God” illustrates few very complex things in easiest possible ways. How on the matter of religion, people have become thirsty for each other blood. How self-proclaimed contractors of religion are fooling the innocent people everywhere. All the religions of world advocates peace and harmony but few low minded people who cannot understand the greatness of mutual growth are inciting the softest corner of the people and promoting blood bath and hatred. We must understand that first and foremost we are human beings and then all the earthly classification and divide comes into picture. We all are unified by humanity which gives us an edge from all other species.

#illridewithyou Terror attack on Lindt cafe in Sydney
Pic courtesy : telegraph.co.uk
For making a better world, we all should come out from narrow thinking and raise our strong voice for a united world irrespective of all our earthly divisions. Father of the nation of India, Mahatma Gandhi very correctly warned us “An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind”. We should not relate any terror act to any particular community or religion, rather world must get united to fight against such retards who all are killing innocent people on the name of religion and dominance. Definitely this world is having plenty of good and sensible people across the geographies and ethnicity, who are putting their best efforts to make the world a better place to live peacefully with harmony. After these recent terror acts, trending hashtags like #illridewithyou, #JeSuisAhmed, #PakWithIndiaNoToLakhviBail, #IndiaWithPakistan on twitter shows the strength of such sensible people who are having open mind and promoting free society. We must stop stereotyping people and community, making perceptions about people by their facial, physical appearance and attire. We need to understand the very fact that one single individual can be of bad nature or of criminal mind, not the whole society, community or religion with which he/she supposedly relates to. World must get united to defeat all such fascist, racist and communal forces and people around the world. These all good and supporting acts by nice people give us a hope to move ahead for a better world.

Let’s make the world a better place to live, free to roam and speak, free to practice any faith. Let’s make the “REAL FREEDOM” free for everyone in every possible way.

(Written by Ehtesham Ahmad Karimi, Software Engineer at Infosys Limited )



  1. Awesome post and well written ! People should learn to rise above religion and hate ! Keep such posts coming !


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